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 Welcome to Your New Pathway to Eating Well!
No diets. Just eat. Read on.


Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN

Nutrition Communications Expert

MS Master of Science in Nutrition

RDN Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

LDN Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist 

Helping You Chew the Facts so You Can Enjoy Eating for Better Health

Welcome! If you're interested in good health, good food, and feeling your best, then you've landed in the right place! Rosanne's goal is to help you learn how to enjoy your diet (yes, that means you can eat what you like) and still maintain a healthy body weight. A healthy weight helps you reduce your risk for developing diseases like heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and some cancers. It also simply helps you stay more mobile, flexible, and energetic. A healthy body weight even helps you age more gracefully!


Did you know...

You can eat what you like and maintain a healthy weight?! That there are a lot of different ways to eat a healthy diet? I have 25 years of experience advising people about the "how" of eating. I have seen "diets" come and go. Get comfortable in your own skin, and eat mindfully and with pleasure.


Rosanne has co-authored several consumer titles in the popular For DummiesŪ series with the intent to help people understand some basic facts about nutrition and how to live and eat well.

She has extensive writing experinece (books, for blogs, newspaper and magazine articles/quotes) and as well as experience providing key nutrition messages via social media. She speaks about a variety of topics including heart health, weight management, and the use of sweeteners as part of a balanced diet. Her books also can help you understand basic nutrition, heart health, dining out, and culinary basics. Eating out is fun, but calories and sodium can add up quickly, neither of which are healthy for your body weight or heart. Whether you like to cook or not, having a few skills in the kitchen can not only help you manage your weight, but can also help you survive! Check out the For DummiesŪ cookbooks - you'll be surprised at how easy some things are to cook.

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Rosanne is a registered, licensed dietitian residing in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

DISCLOSURE: As a nutrition communications consultant I am a contributing blogger to the MIdAtlantic Dairy Assocciation, a consultant to the Corn Refiner's Association and the Amercian Beverage Association. I only accept consulting position with companies or organizations whose views I am aligned with and who provide evidence-based information. While I may be representing a client, my views and opinions are my own and are supported by science and peer-reviewed publications as I interpret them.

Rosanne Rust, MS, RDN, LDN

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